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Christopher and Jamie Bosley

Dec 2019

A well planned full kitchen remodel: Work Included; - A relocation and re-shaping of a kitchen peninsula - All new cabinetry - Flush mount hood vent (venting outside instead of a reverse fan, which is the case in a lot of houses built before they year 2006) -All new sink fixtures, trims quartz countertops, cabinet handles and backsplash Intensive work: The removal of a corner wall leading from the garage to the kitchen to achieve an open floor plan and customer L-shaped peninsula overhang for a new food serving/lounging area. Difficult tasks within this scope of work: Filling the floor where the wall was removed without having it be a. noticeable remodel. Project duration: 5.5 weeks (28 weeks) Please contact me if you would like to view this job, the customers are wonderful people and would be willing to do a job viewing/walk through.


Seattle, WA

Eleni Yancey

Nov 2019

Home type: Split Level This was a full kitchen, bathroom and floor plan remodel This project consisted of removing two walls in the kitchen to create an open floor plan, essentially one wall was turned into an island with a 12" overhang, and a bar top at 42.5" bar height in place of the other wall. The project also contained the refinishing of an entire master deck and front porch, flooring was replaced, trims and doors where refinished at a budget friendly approach. Major Transformation


Edmonds, WA