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Geothermal System

Apr 2015

Furnish and Install Geothermal system 5T LH w/Hot Water & Flow Control 30EER


McAlester, OK

Geothermal System

Nov 2014

Furnish and Install Geothermal System 5T LH w/Hot Water & Flow Controller 30EER


McAlester, OK

AC Unit Replacement

Jan 2014

Replaced AC Unit: Disconnected previous unit, removed unit, installed new unit and connected to supply's and blow out.


McAlester, OK

Heating Unit Replacement

Apr 2014

Replaced Heating Unit: Disconnected old unit and removed, installed new unit and connected it."

McAlester, OK

Temperature Control

Apr 2014

Temperature Control Change out: Changed out old temperature control system with a high efficiency time controlled temperature control panel."

McAlester, OK

Unit Inspection

Apr 2014

Unit Inspection: Inspected unit for problem and future issues and inspected filter.

McAlester, OK