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Remodel kitchen

Feb 2018

Well they had a company bid on remodel and there friends recommended they talk with me the company bid was 24,000 i came in at 13500 and saved them over ten thousand they used the extra money to upgrade the appliances we removed the two bearing walls that enclosed the kitchen with temporary walls BUILT on each side we cut the rafters and ran 2- 26 ft beams 2 of them across the living room to other side but before we ran those in we had to cut the rafters so the beam will drop down and sit flush with bottom of rather than once there all cut we dropped the beams onto place then glued and screwed the two together sitting on bearing post we put in the walls and strapped it all down then add hangers to all rafters and once that's all done we could remove bearing walls and temporary walls and they had there first look at there open great room


Ceres, CA

Lorettas kitchen remodel

Aug 2017

My first actual customer thru BETTER BIULT full on kitchen remodel added up pot filler over the stove demoed whole kitchen down to studs and subfloor by myself in 18 hours my cleanliness is what made her refer me to my other kitchen. She chose Black cabinets and and the pot filler was my first but turned out amazing... we went way over the time frame due to the cabinets that she wanted because she was having her brother-in-law building them and he took almost 3 months to do the custom black cabinets with a double toe kick with a crown molding on it looked amazing so enjoy the pictures before and after


Modesto, CA