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Kitchen Remodel

Jan 2010

This was a complete kitchen remodel on a 1970 home. All of the cabinets were stripped, sanded, and stained. I built two custom cabinets. One of the cabinets was designed to hold larger pots and pans. The other cabinet constructed was to accommodate liquor and wine bottles in a special sliding drawer. Custom blue granite counter tops replaced all existing kitchen counter tops. A special order extra deep double sink and custom plumbing fixtures was installed replacing the original sink. This was the only area of difficulty. I had to totally change the plumbing to accommodate the new sink. I had to change to wiring to the garbage disposal and light switches to accommodate the new design. I used special hardware in the drawers so that the drawers would slowly shut themselves. I installed new crown molding and shoe molding in the kitchen. I also replaced a few damaged back splash and wall tiles. This project was completed in a timely manner and my clients were extremely pleased with the finished product. As a matter of fact, I have been back on four different occasions to do work for them.


Newport, NC

Accessible Bathroom Remodel

Jan 2012

Remodeled bathroom to make it more accessible in a 1970's home. Took out old bathtub, replaced it with a low profile shower with a seat. Installed handicap bars. Replaced plumbing. New Commode. New Vanity. Painted walls, ceiling, and cabinets. Installed Handicap rails. Also installed a handicap ramp in garage.


Newport, NC

Beaufort Home Renovation

Jan 2011

Repaired extensive damage to house. Replaced all windows and doors, siding. Installed louvers. Replaced deck. Added a ramp to shed in the back. Framed around the pump. Repaired Plumbing. Covered bottom of house with treated plywood, and created access. Painted with gray marine paint. New trim in house. Built platform for window air conditioner.


Beaufort, NC

Home Renovation

Jul 2012

Prepared exterior and interior for house to be sold. Repaired siding, boxing, roof.

Morehead City, NC

Home Renovation

Oct 2011

Removed all damaged siding and boxing on entire house. Removed all old drip cap on windows. Installed new drip cap on house. Replaced all damaged siding with new cedar siding. Replaced all damaged boxing. Caulked all siding and trim. Stained the entire exterior. Replaced Garage door. Installed new chain drive. Fixed all rails of lattice on deck. Stained deck. Installed new sliding glass door on deck. Fixed broken tile in house. Put new roof on house. Painted a couple rooms. Replaced framing around chimney. Fixed trusses. Replaced light fixtures. Installed shower stall and half bath.

Newport, NC

Misc. Service Work

Jan 2008

Replaced siding, created under house access for plumbing, replaced fascia board, handrails. Cleaned out A/C Drain. Power washed entire home. Repaired boxing. Repaired some of the plumbing. Painted underneath house with gray marine paint. Repaired areas where there had been rot. Changed locks.

Morehead City, NC