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Infinity from Marvin Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Apr 2014

Replacement Windows

Brookfield, WI

New Berlin Kitchen/Family Room Remodel

Dec 2013

The new kitchen is lined with cherry cabinetry and a large 8-ft x 4-ft. island includes a beverage center and room for seating, supplementing the dinette seating. A pleasing contrast to the cherry was the island's white varnish tint. White also was used to trim windows and baseboards throughout the main area. All interior doors were removed and updated to white six-panel, while granite countertops and glass/stone backsplash added shine and shimmer. Tigerwood, an exotic species know for its beautiful grain and dark vein striping, was chosen for flooring throughout the main level - foyer, powder room, kitchen, living room, and dinette.

New Berlin, WI

Tosa Kitchen

Aug 2013

As with older housing inventory, the small kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house with doors leading to a back hallway and dining room. Because this home was built in the 1920s as a Colonial with painted millwork, we used painted cabinets with a five piece, flat panel door style, appropriate to the age of the home as well as economical. Artisan granite counters in Caledonia color were selected for durability, neutral color palette, and its price point. A Blanco sink in the color truffle was also selected for durability and value. The homeowners wanted to reuse the existing hardwood flooring, after we removed the existing linoleum we were very pleased to find the existing maple flooring in reasonably good condition.

Wauwatosa, WI

Bathroom Remodel

May 2015

Gutted out and remodeled bathroom.

Muskego, WI

Elm Grove Kitchen

Dec 2014

As in many homes of this vintage the existing kitchen, with a dinette was small and crowded. The formal dining room and living room were separate from the kitchen. Not only were these rooms seldom used on a daily basis but when our clients would entertain all guests would try to squeeze into the kitchen and the other rooms would be virtually empty. Our plan involved removing the wall between the existing kitchen and dining room and expanding the kitchen into this space. The existing dining room table was simply moved into the very large living room. The existing living room space was actually so large it was difficult to arrange furniture. With this plan this entire space is now well utilized. There is a lot of room in the kitchen space for family and guests to mill about and leave room for the cook or cooks. Because the kitchen is also so open to the dining room and living room the whole space used when entertaining and on a daily basis.

Elm Grove, WI