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Frequently asked questions about ac repair companies

Should I repair or replace my air conditioning system?

When temperatures soar, a smoothly-running AC unit is crucial to keeping you and your family comfortable at home. If your AC unit is blowing out warm air, if your home feels humid, is leaking water, or seems to turn on and off frequently, it may be time to call an HVAC professional to assess the health of your AC unit.

Several factors come into play when considering whether to pay for an AC unit repair, or to purchase a whole new unit. Start with the age of your air conditioning system. If your system is 10 or 15 years old, it may make sense to replace the existing AC system with a newer, more efficient model. AC technology has advanced rapidly thanks to rising concerns about energy costs and effects of energy use on the environment. While making a new AC purchase might be costly up front, it may save you quite a bit of money down the line.

If your AC unit is fairly new, and any necessary repairs are straightforward, it could make sense to invest in an AC inspection and possible repair by a qualified HVAC professional. A trustworthy pro should be able to help you decide whether it’s best to repair or replace your air conditioning unit.

What should I do if my air conditioner isn’t working?

When the mercury rises, a poorly functioning air conditioner can become more than just an annoyance. The combination of high temperatures and an air conditioner that isn’t blowing cold air can also pose a potential health risk for you and your family. There are some very simple DIYs you can do to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Start by making sure the unit is properly plugged into a power source and that the cord is in good shape.
  • Next, make sure a fuse has not blown in your electrical panel.
  • If the power source seems to be OK, look at the thermostat. Try turning it down to see In any caif that trips the AC unit to kick on.
  • Make sure your filter is not clogged.
  • Check the AC unit’s drain pipe, it could be dirty or affected by algae. If you are able to check for a refrigerant leak, do so.

If you can’t find the source of the problem, it’s wise to contact a qualified HVAC pro to troubleshoot your air conditioning unit’s issues. And if AC system is over 10 years old, or requires more than just routine maintenance, that’s also probably a job for an HVAC professional. They can advise about whether it’s best to repair or replace an air conditioning system that isn’t working properly.

How do I make my air conditioner colder?

There’s nothing quite like walking into a well-cooled room on a hot day and it’s frustrating when AC isn’t working properly. When you want your air conditioner to blow colder air, there are some easy troubleshooting steps you can take on your own. First, make sure your air conditioner is placed in a room that receives a moderate amount of sunlight. Make sure it’s not placed behind furniture or plants. Using your AC unit in tandem with a ceiling fan will also optimize its efficiency.

There are a couple things you can check before an HVAC pro arrives. Check that your thermostat is set to the right level. Next, if you’re able to do so, clean the AC filters, and note that some air conditioning units can have more than one filter. AC filters can become clogged over time and reduce the unit’s efficiency.

If those steps don’t work, it’s wise to call in a qualified HVAC professional to troubleshoot your AC unit to discover why it’s not blowing out enough cold air for your needs. When the HVAC technician arrives, be sure to ask them to check the refrigerant level, and whether your system is running on the best settings for the brand and your system setup. If your HVAC and AC system is over 10 years old, it may make sense to just invest in a new air conditioner rather than invest in potentially costly repairs.

How much does it cost to do air conditioner repair?

First, get a realistic estimate for your air conditioner repair from a qualified HVAC professional. There are many factors to consider when determining the cost of repair. The age of your AC unit figures strongly, as does the particular issue that needs addressing. It may help to know that many companies offer payment plans, as many homeowners may not be prepared to pay an unexpected and high repair bill. As of 2019, the estimated cost of various### ### AC repairs runs from $125-$500, but can be far higher depending on what exactly needs to be repaired or replaced. Your local area rates may affect the cost as well, depending on the availability of qualified technicians in your area.

If your AC unit is over 10 years old, consider the possibility of replacement rather than repair. Due to rising concerns about energy cost and environmental factors, AC technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, so investing in a new AC unit may save you money down the road. But the first step is to call in an HVAC professional to assess your needs. Be sure to get at least three written bids to make sure you’re getting the fairest price. Consult the free Porch project cost guides to get an idea about how much professional air conditioner repair should cost in your area.

What do I need to know about air conditioner repair?

Sometimes homeowners automatically assume their air conditioner needs to be repaired if it’s not blowing cold air or has other issues. But there are a few factors to consider before bringing in professional help:

  • Make sure the AC unit is placed in a room with moderate sunlight, and is unobstructed by furniture or plants
  • Ensure the cord is in good condition and the unit is properly plugged in
  • Check the thermostat level to make sure it’s set to the right temperature

If you’re experiencing high humidity in your home, the unit seems to be going on and off frequently (this is called “rapid cycling”), if the AC unit is blowing warm air, if it’s leaking water, or if there are odd noises or odors, then it’s time to call in a professional.

A qualified HVAC professional will be able to determine which part or parts of your air conditioning unit are failing to operate properly. They can offer options regarding repairing or replacing various parts of you AC unit’s system, and provide written estimates for various repair or replacement options. An HVAC pro may suggest replacing your air conditioner with a newer and more efficient model. Replacement, while a big initial investment, may likely save you money and headaches down the road versus costly ongoing repairs.

What types of air conditioner are there?

Deciding which type of air conditioner to choose for your home can be daunting. With a little general knowledge, you may feel better equipped to shop for the best air conditioning system for your home. First of all, there are six basic types of AC systems:

  • Central air conditioning is the most common. This system takes cool air and circulates through a series of supply ducts and return registers.
  • There are two types of central air systems, one is a split system with one unit inside the house and one unit outside. This is great for those with a furnace and no air conditioner.
  • The other type is packaged central air with everything located in a single unit.
  • If you need to avoid dealing with ductwork, take a look at ductless mini-split air conditioners. This type of AC system allows for efficient temperature management room by room or for a whole home.
  • You may want to select a heat pump that is a split system that functions for both heating and cooling.
  • Finally, geothermal pumps draw heat from the earth. This is the most expensive but highly efficient option.

When choosing an air conditioning system, it’s wise to call on the expertise of a qualified HVAC professional to help you select the right one for your home.

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