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Frequently asked questions about blinds installation services

Why should I hire a pro to do blinds installation?

It may be tempting to try to save money by installing your own blinds. However, if you do not have lots of experience with window treatment installation, there might be hidden pitfalls in going the DIY route. First of all, experts suggest that an inexperienced homeowner might take longer to get blinds installed correctly than a pro. Measuring for a blinds installation project can be tricky. The measurements need to be precise, and it takes special knowledge to know what to measure. If you’ve got a unique-shaped space to cover, or if your window frame is uneven, you’ll have to make the right adjustments to make the blinds hang straight. A misstep during blinds installation could result in damaging your brand new blinds.

Whether you are adding vertical or pleated blinds to your home, or having roman blinds installed it may make sense to hire a blind installation pro. A pro can save you time. They will take responsibility for the task and redo anything that goes wrong. Hiring a pro for your blinds installation project may cost more up front but it could save money and headaches later on.

Can I install blinds myself?

It is almost certainly possible to install blinds on your own. If you have experience taking the precise measurements required for a successful blinds installation, and the proper tools, and time, it’s fine to install blinds yourself. However, if you have any doubts about your ability to get the blinds into position correctly you might consider hiring an installation expert. If your windows have a unique shape, or if the window frames are uneven, the blinds will be trickier to install. The average homeowner might not be familiar with the kinds of calculations needed to make the blinds hang straight in an odd space. When a home is older, formerly even window frames may have settled into unevenness, posing a blinds-hanging challenge to the inexpert installer.

A pro will be able to assess what will be required to get your new blinds installed. A pro is much less likely to damage new blinds with an installation error than the average homeowner. They will have the skills, knowledge and tools to get your blinds installed efficiently and correctly.

How much does it cost to have blinds installed?

The cost of having blinds installed varies greatly depending on a number of factors. The area in which you live will affect labor costs. The size of the window frames in which you are having the blinds installed is a factor in the cost, as will the number of windows that need a new treatment. The conditions of those frames, and any special hardware requirements will also affect the price of an installation. It may make sense to call a blinds installation professional for an estimate. With their experience, they’ll be able to offer an accurate bid for the cost of the blinds installation project.

An installer’s estimate will cover a portion of their business overhead, the cost of wear and tear on tools, the labor cost per hour, and any necessary hardware in their estimate. A pro will expect to set up the installation site, and clean up after the project, removing any debris. Call a pro for an accurate blinds installation cost estimate.

What are the different kinds of blinds?

There is a wide variety of types of blinds made of a number of different kinds of materials. The thing most types of blinds have in common is that they generally feature slats which can be adjusted up and down or from side to side. Blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room. Most types of blinds have a cord with which to adjust the slats. One of the most common types of blinds are Venetian blinds. The horizontal slats on these blinds are attached with a string or strips of cloth called tapes. When the bottom slat of a Venetian blind is raised it meets the one above it. Mini blinds and micro blinds are smaller versions of Venetian blinds. Panel blinds are popular for large windows. They have large sections that can be moved along a track. Blinds can be made of various kinds of fabric, wood, vinyl and faux wood.

There are many more types of blinds and window treatments to choose from. If you have any questions about what kind of blinds might be best for your space, consult a blinds installation pro. They can walk you through the best options for beautifying your home.

Do blinds go inside or outside the window frame?

Having blinds installed on your home’s windows allows you to control the amount of light that gets into the room. Blinds can add style, sophistication, and enhance the decor in addition to being a practical window treatment solution. Blinds can either be mounted inside the window frame or outside the frame. Both inside and outside mounting options have benefits.

Inside mounted blinds are seated inside the frame of the window. They provide the tidiest look. Mounting the blinds outside the window frame gives you much greater flexibility in terms of window dressing choices. When blinds are mounted outside the door frame you are not limited by the size of the frame.

Installing either inside or outside mounted blinds calls for taking very precise measurements. There is the smallest margin for error. Getting blinds installed so that they fit perfectly, and hang properly can be tricky. Whether you prefer to hang your blinds inside or outside the window frame, consider having a pro do the blinds installation for you. They’ll get it done easily, correctly, and get it right the first time.

Do you need a drill to install blinds?

Blinds can be made of many different materials. Depending on the material from which your blinds are made, you may not need a drill to install them. For example, if you are installing faux wood blinds, you can use a screwdriver. Your blinds installation project will be even easier with a cordless screwdriver, and a drill would make it even easier in this case. However, if your window frame is made of hard wood or metal, it may be impossible to get the brackets installed to hang your blinds.

In some cases, it may make sense to consult a blinds installation specialist to help you get your new blinds hung properly. Installing blinds requires highly accurate measurements. There is a miniscule room for error if you want your blinds to hang evenly and fit in the space correctly. A homeowner with very little experience with hanging window coverings could inadvertently damage expensive custom blinds by making an error in the installation process. If you have any doubts about taking on a blinds installation project, call a pro.

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