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Frequently asked questions about cabinet refacing & refinishing services

What does it cost to have cabinets refinished?

Cabinet refinishing is less expensive than refacing cabinets, or replacing them. In fact, homeowners could save up to half the cost of replacement by having the cabinets refinished. Cabinet refinishing is a process that involves restoring or replacing the finish on a set of existing cabinets in a home. The process involves cleaning the cabinets, and repairing any damage done to the cabinets through wear and tear over time. After this, homeowners can choose to restore them to the original color, or make the cabinets feel new with a fresh color.

The cost to have cabinets refinished will vary depending on how many cabinets need to be refinished. The cost also varies according to the expense of the materials used for the project, the complexity of the job, the state of the existing cabinets, and whether you hire professionals to refinish your cabinets. Some ballpark figures for cabinet refinishing start at around $2,000 but the cost could be more than that if your cabinet footprint is large, or the job is complex.

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace cabinets?

If you want to update your kitchen, one strategy is to refinish or replace the existing set of cabinets. It is cheaper to refinish the cabinets than to replace them. Homeowners could save up to half the cost of replacement by having the cabinets refinished. ?

There are some instances when it may make sense to replace the cabinets rather than refinishing them. If your existing cabinets are warped or made from low quality material, refinishing them will not fix the pre-existing damage. If the existing cabinets are damaged or old, replacement might be the best option. If you want to switch to a lighter color finish than your existing cabinets you could be looking at a process that involves bleaching the wood before it is stained. In this case it might make more sense to replace the cabinets to get the lighter color.

So, while it is cheaper to refinish than to replace your kitchen cabinets, it is not always the best option. If you are in the throes of indecision as to whether to replace or refinish your cabinets, consult a cabinet refinishing contractor. The pros will have experience with many kitchen remodeling projects and can advise you as to whether replacement or refinishing makes the most sense for your home.

What is the difference between cabinet refacing and refinishing?

If you want to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom, it may make sense to have your cabinets refaced or refinished. Refacing or refinishing your cabinets is less expensive than having them replaced, and you’ll wind up with a fresh look for your kitchen or bathroom without a full-on remodeling job. Cabinet refacing, which is also called cabinet resurfacing, involves replacing the old doors and drawer faces with brand-new doors and drawer faces. The cabinet hardware is often swapped out for new hardware as part of a cabinet refacing project. After this, the cabinets are painted or veneered and stained to match the new components.

Cabinet refinishing involves taking the existing cabinet doors and drawer faces off the cabinets. These pieces are then sanded or stripped of the old finish. After this, new paint or stain is applied to the doors, drawer faces and cabinets. If your goal is to have cabinets that are a lighter color than your existing cabinets, the process is more complex. Cabinet refinishing tends to cost less than cabinet refacing or resurfacing.

What tools do I need to refinish cabinets?

If you’ve decided to update the look of your kitchen cabinet with a DIY refinishing project, you’ll need to invest a number of tools and products. Be sure to do the research before you head to the hardware store to buy the tools you’ll need to refinish your cabinets. It is easy for an inexperienced homeowner to make costly and time-consuming mistakes along the way in a refinishing project.

You’ll need a thick stripper to get thick coats of paint off the wood. You’ll need a thin stripper to finish the paint removal. You’ll need a power sander, and good sandpaper. Wipe-on stains and finishes are next on your list for a DIY cabinet refinishing project. Experts recommend wipe-on products over brush-on products because the latter stay wet longer and may attract dust and debris before drying. You’ll need good cloths, and fine steel wool along with paste wax. Be sure to follow the directions when using any home improvement product. It is important, in carrying out a cabinet refinishing project, to go step-by-step. Skipping any steps could lead to headaches later on.

What are common mistakes in cabinet refinishing?

Refinishing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a great way to update the look of a room. Refinishing cabinets is cheaper than replacing them. If you’ve decided to carry out the refinishing project on your own, it’s best to heed some warnings about what could go wrong in the process. The last thing you want to do when tackling a refinishing project is ruin your existing cabinets.

Oil-based cleaning products leave a film that attract dust and residue and will look dull after repeated applications over time. Abrasive steel wool and rough scrubbing pads can damage wood. It’s easy to choose the wrong finish. Oil-based polyurethane have mixed reviews. This type of product may work well for raw wood but ideal for bonding to preexisting finishes. Homeowners might be tempted to skip over properly cleaning and staining damaged areas of the cabinets before refinishing. This could result in permanently sealing grime and damage into your cabinets. Be sure to choose the proper type of paint for cabinets. Cabinet-rated paint is thick and needs to be thinned to avoid visible brush strokes. It may make sense to consult a cabinet refinishing pro before embarking on a DIY project to avoid headaches down the road.

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