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Frequently asked questions about fence repair companies

How much does it cost to repair a fence?

The cost to repair a fence will vary according to a wide range of factors. The condition of the fence, and the complexity of the repair will be important factors in figuring out how much it will cost to fix the fence. The age of the fence, and the level of craftsmanship used in the original fence installation may affect the cost, as well. The type of material from which the fence is made will factor in, as well. If it is a wood fence, the type of wood will make a difference to the cost of a repair. Vinyl fences, aluminum, and galvanized steel fences will all carry different prices for repair.

If you are hiring a contractor to do your fence repair the cost may vary as well. The fence repair specialist’s level of expertise, and number of years in the business might affect the cost of a fence repair. Your locale, the local market prices for contractor help, and the availability of qualified fence repair professionals all affect the cost of fence repair.

How much does it cost to repair a leaning fence?

The cost to repair a leaning fence will vary according to a wide range of factors. The material with which the fence is made is one factor. There are many reasons a fence might be leaning. Some of the repairs for a leaning fence may be simple, while other repairs will be more complex and expensive. Additionally, the condition of your fence will factor into the cost of a repair. If high winds have caused your fence to lean, it might be repaired by returning the posts to their original position. The relatively simple repair cost might increase if you need to consult a landscape professional to address erosion that might have been caused by the adverse weather that caused the fence to lean.

Other factors that can affect the cost of repairing a leaning fence have to do with the fence repair professional you choose to hire to help with the fence repair. Contractors with a higher level of expertise, and more time in the industry tend to charge more for performing repairs. At the same time highly qualified pros might do a better, more efficient job than a newer contractor.

Does your neighbor have to pay for half the fence?

When a fence defines the border between your property and your neighbor’s property, you and your neighbor will likely share the cost of a repair. Most states have a law that places the responsibility for maintaining and repairing a boundary fence on both parties that use the fence. If one party will not cooperate in sharing the cost of a fence repair, homeowners have several steps they can take.

You can write a letter to the neighbor explaining the issues with the fence. Alternatively, you can have the fence repair done, then send a demand letter requesting payment for half the repair. You and the neighbor can go to mediation. If necessary, homeowners can sue the neighbor for payment for half the fence repair. With luck, you and your neighbor will agree about the need to fence repair and maintenance. Both parties can share the expense of maintaining the fence that benefits all.

What are some common fence problems?

Homeowners have a variety of reasons for installing a fence. They might be looking for privacy, they could be concerned about containing kids and pets, or they may be primarily concerned with aesthetics. Unfortunately, fences do not last forever without some maintenance and repairs along the way. Fences are exposed to damaging elements over time. There are a few common issues that create the need for fence repair.

Wood, vinyl and chain link fences are all susceptible to fallen panels, and leaning fences and fence posts. A fence repair pro will know how to address each of these issues. They’ll know that a leaning fence might indicate erosion around the base which will also need to be addressed. Wood and vinyl fences can be damaged by mildew and suffer from staining. Wood fences can fall prey to insect damage and rot. A qualified fence repair specialist will know how to best tackle any repairs your fence requires.

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