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Frequently asked questions about metal roof installation contractors

How do I maintain my metal roofing?

It’s recommended to have a professional metal roofing contractor perform structural maintenance on metal roofs approximately every two years. Depending on the weather conditions in your location, your metal roof may require structural maintenance more or less often. Be sure to discuss a regular maintenance schedule with your roofing contractor following a metal roofing installation.

Factors that should be taken into consideration when planning how often you should undertake roofing maintenance include excessive or wind-driven rain, snow, or hail. Average outdoor temperatures will affect a metal roof’s integrity, as well. If your area is prone to extreme cold or heat, or rapid temperature fluctuations, your metal roofing may require more frequent professional maintenance. If your roof is damaged or needs attention, a good contractor will let you know during a maintenance inspection. A roofing professional should also be able to provide you with a written estimate for the labor and parts involved in any metal roof repair after a maintenance visit.

What are the advantages of metal roofing?

When you’re deciding what type of roof to have installed, it may make sense to consider metal roofing. Metal roofing saves energy more efficiently than other roofing materials, and it releases solar heat to keep a house cool in the hot weather. By the same token, it retains heat in the air space below the roof to keep a house warm in the winter. When you have metal roofing installed you’re making an investment that will last. Metal roofs can be warrantied for up to 40 years against chalking, peeling, and fading. Corrosion shouldn’t be able to penetrate the finish, and, in fact, metal roofing has a longer life cycle than other common types of roofing materials. You can expect metal roofing to protect your home in all kinds of weather—even extreme conditions—for 20 to 30 years.

Metal roofing has even been credited for saving homes that are on fire. Homeowners who decide to have metal roofing installed by a roofing professional may be making the best choice to protect their home and security in the long run.

Why should I hire a contractor to install metal roofing?

When it’s time to have metal roofing installed on your home, it’s wise to hire a professional roofing contractor for the job. A qualified roofing contractor will have access to the specialized tools required to perform a successful and long-lasting metal roofing installation. Furthermore, a roofing pro will bring all the necessary safety equipment to climb to your roof, and get the job done right. A roofing pro should carry general liability insurance along with workman’s compensation insurance. They should also be able to provide a copy of a certificate testifying that they have the proper insurance.

A qualified roofing contractor will have the experience they need to offer a realistic written estimate of the cost up front before you sign a contract. They should be familiar with contingencies that may arise as they tackle a metal roofing installation and will be prepared in advance with the right tools and an installation plan so you can rest easy knowing your roof will be installed properly.

How to hire a good roofing contractor?

If you’ve decided to hire a roofing contractor to tackle your metal roof installation, it’s important to know what to look for. After all, you want your roofing installation performed efficiently, effectively, and professionally. Doing some research by asking a potential roofing contractor some key questions up front could save expenses and headaches down the line. Start with the basics: does your roofing pro carry liability and workman’s compensation insurance? Can they provide proof? If your state requires a roofer to be licensed, check for those credentials and make sure they’re active and up-to-date. Also ask if the roofer can remove your existing roof, and how they will dispose of refuse throughout the project. They should have a plan for all of those tasks that they can share with you before the project begins.

Make sure the company has a local phone number and address, and has been in the business for several years. Check former customer reviews, and ask the contractor for examples of past work. Ask how the pro plans to protect your gutters during the installation, and make sure they have a plan to protect the surrounding landscape. Lastly, make sure the pro has a solid plan for protecting the roof in inclement weather. Doing your homework upfront will more likely result in a successful and stress-free roofing installation.

Does a roofing contractor need to be bonded?

When you’re choosing a roofing contractor to do a metal roofing installation, you’ll want an individual or a company that’s licensed, bonded, and insured. A bond insures that if the contractor doesn’t carry out the agreed-upon job, the homeowner who hired them doesn’t suffer a monetary loss.

It’s not easy to obtain the surety bond a roofing contractor needs to do business. They have to submit plenty of information, such as proof of credit, many financial statements, and proof the company doesn’t abuse its workers. A newer company without much work history will have a tough time obtaining a bond, and if they do get one, it may be limited. When you learn that your roofing contractor is bonded, it’s a sign that the company has been in business for some time and has a good track record. Take the time required to do your research up front. This is how you can be sure to hire a professional who is licensed, insured, bonded and who’s poised to make your roofing installation a success.

Should I repair or replace my metal roofing?

If you’ve got metal roofing on your home that’s showing signs of damage or stress, it makes sense to look at whether to repair or replace the roof. It also makes sense to consult a metal roofing specialist about what to if your roof is showing signs of degradation, corrosion, punctures, or other damage. A pro will know if the roof can be repaired, how much it will cost, and will have the tools and know how to get the job done right.

Metal roofing is well known for its strength and longevity, which may be why metal roofs typically have longer warranties than roofs made of other roofing materials. If your metal roof is still under warranty, there’s even more reason to have a pro offer an on-site assessment. If a metal roof was improperly installed in the first place, it may be more vulnerable to the stresses of extremely hot or cold weather, hail and falling debris, and excessive rainfall. To protect the integrity and safety of your home, consult a roofing pro at the first sign of damage to your metal roof.

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