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Omaha Kitchen and Dual Bath Renovation 5/2019

May 2019

Partial Renovation of 32 year home kitchen and both bathrooms. Included demo work, hauling, subfloor, tiling, trim, plumbing, cabinet, drywall, countertops, finishing and lighting work. Customer supplied most of the materials, we supplied design, project management, labor.


Omaha, NE

Whole House Renovations

Apr 2019

Full house renovation for a condo. Included renovating three bathrooms as well as new flooring new kitchen and their upgrades. Solid oak plank flooring on the first floor as well as new custom kitchen layout and Design. Project management from start to finish.


Lavista, NE

Omaha Condo Flooring & Trim

Feb 2019

Project involve removal of all existing trim and baseboard and repairing of sub-flooring and existing flooring as well as removal of pedestal formal dining room area. Replaced with new subflooring and jointed areas with moisture and Vapor Barrier foam and then on top of that interlocking custom oak flooring on entire 1st floor, entry, dining, formal living, office and kitchen areas.


La Vista, NE