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Church pew repair

Jun 2016

The support on this pew had cracked through-and-through. I removed the support, made the repairs, and reinstalled the support without removing the pew. The pocket screw plugs will be stained to match.


Lafayette, LA

Closet doors replacement

May 2016

We removed four sets of Venetian slatted closed doors that were gathering dust and allowing dust into the closet space and replaced them with smooth closet doors, painted to match the existing trim.


New Iberia, LA

Brick wall window installation

May 2016

We installed a 3030 single hung window in an exterior wall. This job entailed cutting away interior drywall, reframing for proper window support, removing brick on exterior wall, and framing around window to insure weather-tight installation.


New Iberia, LA

Chair rail installation

May 2016

The furniture in this building was damaging the paint and drywall, so we installed red oak chair rails to not only create a buffer between the furniture and wall, but to beautify the walls and room. The wood was stained and coated, leaving a glossy finish that will last years into the future.


Lafayette, LA

Dryrot repair

Apr 2016

This window had been leaking for some time, and the infrastructure below the window sill and drywall was nearly completely rotted. We removed the sill, drywall, wall studs and framing, and replaced all with new materials. We also insured the exterior was weatherproofed to prevent future damage. We duplicated this same effort on three windows in this building.


New Iberia, LA

Power washing

Jul 2016

Power washing your walks, decks, porches, and siding really makes a difference in the beauty of your home or business.

New Iberia, LA