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3 reviews

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Salt Springs stage and repair home

Mar 2015

We cleared a large two lot property in Salt Springs, FL for an elderly client who is in the process of selling this property. It was covered of weeds, tree limbs and other debris but we knocked it out in two days giving the size of the water front property. We also pressure washed the carport and sidewalks that lead to the house while painting them as customer requested who is selling property and wanted to give them as fresh look. I cleaned the windows, decorated her garden, moved out furniture and made many repairs on this 50+ year old home. I enjoyed working her and feel that this home is ready to go!


Salt Springs, FL

Window Replaced For Century 21, Hastings

Feb 2015

Century 21 in Hastings, FL contacted me that they were in need of a home repair on a house that they are renting out. A window was broken and needed to be replaced before they could let anyone moved in. As soon as I got the address I went and took a look. I was more than happy to help! I estimated $70 in materials and labor.


Hastings, FL

Salt Springs Garage/Home Pressure Washing

Oct 2014

I pressure washed the interior and exterior of a large metal garage with concrete floor. I then painted the concrete floor and outside trim around the garage doors. Owner was very pleased.


Salt Springs, FL

Pine Street Lawn Care and Clean up

Sep 2014

I cleaned and hauled off all the debris and brush then finished up mowing the area while checking in from time to time to make sure property was safe as requested by owner.


Satsuma, FL

Shoreline lawn care and clean up

Sep 2014

Lawn care, tree trimming, debris hauled off, checked on property per owner's request


Satsuma, FL