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6 reviews


6 reviews

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Geothermal Installation

Sep 2014

Complete installation of 3 & 5 ton Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pumps. Energy Efficiency Ratings as high as 29.1 and COPS as high as 4.8. Quiet OperationDouble isolation compressor mounting system and vibration isolation springs; insulated divider and separate compressor and air handler compartments Extended Operating Range20 degrees to 120 degrees F makes unit suitable for virtually all applications and climates Two Stage CompressorCopeland multi-stage scroll compressor provides comfort at higher efficiencies than single stage models Microprocessor ControlsIncludes performance monitoring system to signal a potential problem before a lockout occurs Durable CabinetG90 galvanized steel has a tough epoxy finish; drain pan is stainless steel; air coils are coated Easy Installation & ServiceService valves are included; three panels are easily removed, making it simple to access components


Farmington, MO

New Construction Ridge Haven

Sep 2014

Complete installation of 2.5 Ton Furnace & A/C System (including duct work, equipment, registers, thermostat, etc)


Farmington, MO

Spring Preventative Maintenance Walgreens

Jul 2014

Preventative maintenance performed on HVAC & refrigeration systems for two Walgreens locations in Cape Girardeau & Perryville. (Check System Freon Charges RTU's, Air Filters, Freezers, Walk-In Refrigerators, etc)


Cape Girardeau, MO