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2 reviews

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Installed Closet System

May 2014

Old system had not been installed correctly, was not secured to studs so after time it pulled away from wall and collapsed. There was no way to salvage it so picked out a new system and installed it properly.


Cranberry, PA

Replace Garbage Disposal

May 2014

Replaced garbage disposal


Windham, NH

Bathroom Remodel

Apr 2014

Customer was out of town during the winter when pipes froze and downstairs bathroom was flooded. Needed a total remodel and repair. I re-piped supply lines to move away from wall, built second interior wall to run pipes through to prevent any future freezing. Installed new hot/cold shutoff valves. Rewired electric in shower through GFCI, replaced shower ceiling. Replaced damaged drywall with purpleboard. Removed old ceramic tile floor - installed new floor and vinyl baseboard. Painted ceiling and walls, 2 coats. Installed new toilet, sink, vanity, mirror and towel bars.


Dormont, PA

Built Gate for Deck

Mar 2014

Customer had just moved into home, needed a gate for the deck to close in back yard for dog.


Windham, NH

Patch and Paint

Mar 2014

Scraped and repaired approximately 36 sq foot of damaged plaster on dining room ceiling, feather in plaster and texture to match existing plaster design as close as possible, Paint 2 coats latex paint to match. Material Included


Pittsburgh, PA

Rough In Finish Garage

Feb 2014

Customer preparing house for sale, garage was unfinished and could not be sold as it was. Straightened and secured wall between garage and basement, installed door, re-routed plumbing to make more room for vehicles to pull into garage, drywalled ceiling and walls.


Pittsburgh, PA

Repaired Door Jam

Feb 2014

2x8 Door jam had rotted away with water & termite damage. Removed the damaged wood, replaced and added new trim inside and outside of door. Built up the area of the concrete wall next to door.


Pittsburgh, PA

Replace Kitchen Faucet and Sprayer

Jan 2014

Replaced kitchen faucet


Pittsburgh, PA

Repaired Porch Overhang

Jul 2013

Removed and replaced approximately 48 sq ft of plywood fascia on porch overhang, trimmed, caulked, and painted with 2 coats exterior semi gloss


Windham, NH