How Many Gallons of Paint Do I Need?

Use our paint calculator to determine how many gallons of paint are needed to cover your work surface. Simply enter the height and width of the area or total square feet and enter the number of windows and doors.

Using this calculator as part of a bigger project? Let us help you calculate your total costs.

Our paint calculator is based on coverage of 400 square feet per gallon of paint with a 10% overage to account for any extra work. If there are any additional coats of paint needed, more paint will need to be purchased.

Each window is approximately 10 square feet and each door is approximately 20 square feet for estimation. These amounts are subtracted from the estimate.

This calculator is designed for interior painting work but can also be used for external painting, feature painting, or hobby painting projects. Not sure which type of paint you should choose or the proper way to do it? Talk to a local painter now.