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Tualatin deck upgrade

Mar 2018

Removed old decking, removed floor joist and relocated to 16 o.c. for new composite decking installation. Replaced 4x4 posts with 4x6 posts. Added simpson clips for seismic support. Installed new fence wall on sides for privacy.


Tualatin, OR

S.B storage

Sep 2017

Installed a 12'×14' slab to set storage on. Customer bought storage unit off costco and I installed it. Took me a full week from start to finish.


Milwaukie, OR

Wahid remodel

Aug 2014

Replaced all carpet with new, vinyl flooring with ceramic tile, remodeled kitchen, remodeled two bathrooms, replaces concrete patio with new, painted all walls and ceiling, replaced front door and all hardware, replaced all electrical outlets and light switches.


Concord, CA

Malal complete bathroom remodels

Jun 2014

fully remodeled three bathrooms, removed tubs and made walk in showers with marble tile and benches. new plumbing in walls and new drywall, tape, paint etc.


Clayton, CA