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General Contractor - Sanford, MI

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Kitchen Remodel

Sep 2014

At this Midland residential home we tore our the entire kitchen and replaced all the cabinetry, surfaces, and new appliances. We re-painted the kitchen and cabinets, and remodeled the flooring.


Midland, MI

Basement Remodel

Jun 2014

We tore out the panels in the basement, re-studded everything, and insulated the dry-wall. We also made the finishing touches to the mantel. A closet was also added to the basement room.


Midland, MI

Basement Bathroom Remodel

Jun 2014

Remodeled and completed the basement bathroom of a residential home in Midland. The cabinetry, frames, and doors were all done personally. The electrical and plumbing work was sub-contracted out to one of our affiliates.


Midland, MI

Deck Install

Dec 2013

Tore out the old deck and installed a brand new deck. Stained the deck as well.


Midland, MI