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Hanging Wine Racks

Jul 2015

The client wanted large wine racks to be wall mounted. Due to the weight that the racks would be holding, it was essential to use specially designed fasteners. This was a job the client had been putting off for some time and was not able to do properly themselves. They were extremely happy with the result and how solidly the racks were mounted.


Seattle, WA

Wainscoting installation

Jul 2015

Installing custom made wainscoting into a powder room. The job involved removing the toilet and basin to make sure the job was done seamlessly. The client wanted a modern feel. This meant the finishing work had to be perfect to make this project stand out.


Seattle, WA

High Value Artwork Hanging

Jun 2015

The client needed a high value piece of art mounted. The picture was seven feet in length and very heavy. Laser leveling was used to make sure the picture was hung perfectly straight. Specialty fasteners were installed that could handle the high weight of the artwork.


Seattle, WA

Wood Burning Stove Removal

May 2015

The removal of a large wood burning stove. This included removing the chimney from the roof and patching the ceiling. Removal of the stove and dumping was also included in the price.


Seattle, WA

Installation of Custom Made Gate

Apr 2015

The client needed a custom made gate made and installed to keep there new dog from escaping.


Seattle, WA