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Large Crawlspace Encapsulation in Silverton

May 2022

This large crawlspace had a muddy mess, to solve this water issue, a full encapsulation was installed.


Silverton, OR

Damp Crawlspace in Vancouver Washington

Sep 2015

This home owner had no idea that under their sagging and wet insulation was large quantities of black mold along the foundation beams as well as the supports. Our team came in and installed a proper drainage system, dehumidifer, and fully encapsulated the crawlspace to prevent any further damage to the home.


Vancouver, WA

Wet Crawlspace in Salem Oregon with Smart Jacks

Sep 2015

When Robin first inspected this house, he knew there were big problems. Not only was the vapor barrier torn and not covering the ground, improper drain lines were directing water under the home. This excessive water lead to rot in already improperly positioned posts. Our team proceeded to install a proper drainage system, replace rotted post, and encapsulate the space. This made it dry and healthy for our home owners.


Salem, OR

Basement drainage and Wall Paneling

Aug 2015

This home owner had an amazing finished basement, except this one area in the back... Woody had sealed off this small area of his house and enclosed it to cover a wet and unsightly basement wall. After enough cracking and mold, he decided it needed to be handled. Having already used us to encapsulate his crawlspace, we were the first and only call this home owner made. We repaired the crack and installed our lovely Brightwall panels to finish the space and make it functional for the home owner.


Portland, OR

Basement flooring

Jun 2015

Due to ground moisture and evaporation finished basements may require specially designed floors. Our Thermadry flooring is a raised floor that creates a thermal barrier making warmer floors and no risk of water ruining your space.


Sherwood, OR

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Dec 2014

We removed the old insulation and replaced it with rigid foam insulation, provided drainage and encapsulated the entire space.


Camas, WA

Crawlspace repair in Portland

Nov 2014

We removed the torn and wet vapor barrier, encapsulated the crawlspace with mold resistance 20 mil CleanSpace material, and installed a sump pump and draingage to prevent any further water intrusion issues.


Portland, OR

Crawlspace A

Sep 2013

We took this space from being unhealthy and a detriment to our customer and turned it into a clean and safe environment that brings clean breathable air into the upstairs.


Portland, OR

Basement Finishing

Feb 2013

This families basement was a mess. We came in and added Silverglo insulation, flooring, and a wall system. They now have the added space they need for their family to function.


Hillsboro, OR