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Drywall repair

Nov 2017

Removed sagging drywall, insulation, and pipes from two locations in the kitchen. Replaced with new studs and drywall above sink. Repaired plaster in walls also.


Cincinnati, OH

Interior painting, bathroom

Nov 2017

Installed insulation, drywall, and mud to new bathroom. Primed and painted all drywall surfaces, two coats


Cincinnati, OH

Concrete repair, Klotter avenue

Oct 2017

Repaired concrete steps and put a thin layer of surface finish on after to ensure continuity of color.


Cincinnati, OH

Tristan's island

Oct 2017

Painting a kitchen island using emerald interior semi gloss.


Mason, OH

Epoxy garage floor, Susan J

Sep 2017

Two days total. Applied rustoleum degreaser and acid etch to the floor. The floor was etched twice. Which made it very dry the next day. Added flakes to the sealant for a very attractive finished product.


Maineville, OH

Two story brick painting

Aug 2017

This was a fading red brick house. The client wanted the old paint removed and the house to be repainted. I bought two 5 gallon tubs of Dumond peel away paint stripper, covered the coats in plastic film, then let them set for 48 hours. The paint peeled away effortlessly. It took me two days afterward to paint the entire house blue via 18 " nap roller. The clients were extremely pleased with the work especially with the front surrounding the trim.


Cincinnati, OH

Deck restoration Callihans

Jul 2017

The clients had painted this deck about a year earlier. The paint chips were starting to peel off. I first pressure washed the surface with a high pressure nozzle, then hand scraped all the remaining spots where paint was still peeling away on the floor boards and rails. I then sanded everything with a disc sander and applied two coats of Behr premium ultra grey to the deck and surrounding lattice


Cincinnati, OH

Epoxy flooring, basement

Dec 2016

1000 square foot basement. Client was preparing to sell the home. 30 hours of floor preparation including spot degreasing, acid etching, and fan drying. Took 3 one gallon buckets of epoxy mix. Overall time to apply epoxy: 5 hours.


Springboro, OH

Deck painting, rail and carpet installation

Oct 2016

On this project, the couple wanted a new set of rails installed with a gate to keep their children from entering the pool area. They also wanted carpet tiles installed on the main porch. The whole job including painting, rails, and tiles took about four days. The carpet squares were adhesive on the bottom and interlocked in a clockwise pattern. The rails had joints at each base which had to be measured and adjusted in position on the posts to make the rails level


Middletown, OH