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7 reviews

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Generator outlet

Sep 2016

Convert existing 200 amp service panel into a generator ready panel. Installed a 50 amp 120/240 volt generator recessed male receptacle outside of home for connection to generator as needed. Installed vinyl trim around cut out below panel, fastened with stainless steel screws, for easy access to electrical panel if the homeowner wants to add a circuit to the home in the future.


Stanley, NC

Garbage disposal circuit and control switched receptacle

Jun 2016

Installed a new GFCI/AFCI 20 amp receptacle for garbage disposal. Installed a heavy duty 20 amp switch to control a heavy duty 20 amp tamper resistant/weather resistant receptacle for disposal connection.


Vale, NC

Service panel, circuits added, cleaned up panel

Jan 2016

Added circuits to service panel for house electrical upgrade. Cleaned up panel, and labeled circuits.


Gastonia, NC

Correction of homeowners attempted installation and wiring

Aug 2015

Repaired wiring to recessed light fixtures that the homeowner tried to install and wire himself. He used light fixtures that are not rated for insulated ceilings, so I had to remove the insulation from around each fixture. This is not a desirable thing to do because it disturbs the integrity of the insulation for the home. But the homeowner did not want to change the light fixtures to the ones that are rated for insulated ceilings. This is a prime example of a homeowner trying to do a project that he did not fully understand how to do correctly. It is a shame people do this to their own homes, to try and save money.


Maiden, NC

Vehicle charging station

Aug 2015

Installed a new vehicle, 40 amp, 240 volt charging station in garage. New circuit for charger was ran from adjacent electrical panel. Access to the electrical panel was left unpatched as shown in picture until the county inspector made his inspection.


Davidson, NC

Well house heater with back up light source

Jul 2015

This is actually my own home where the water kept freezing at the well house out in the yard. The cost estimate is what I would have charged a customer. I ran a 120 volt circuit underground to my well house, insulated the house some what, added a 75 watt strip heater, a light outlet for back up, a thermostat to control both and a receptacle and a switch located on the outside of the house to control the power going to the thermostat.


Stanley, NC

Heat pump upfit

Apr 2015

Customer purchased new heat pump outdoor unit and moved its location to opposite end of his house. I moved the 30 amp circuit, installed a new disconnect and set up the base that the unit sits on.


Stanley, NC

Septic tank pump control and alarm

Nov 2014

Ran two new dedicated circuits from service panel in the home to the outside, underground to the control box, for the septic tank pump and the alarm. Normally I could have used an existing circuit in the home for the alarm, but the existing circuits were already heavy loaded so I ran a 15 amp dedicated circuit for the alarm along with the required 20 amp dedicated circuit for the pump.


Sherrills Ford, NC

Foreclosure home repairs

Nov 2014

I made a home electrical inspection for the new purchaser of this home and than came back and made the electrical repairs he requested. There were many repairs made on this project including adding "fan" boxes where needed and re-hanging the ceiling fans, re-wiring of garbage disposal and re-wiring of the hot water heater.


Gastonia, NC