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Dave J. - Seattle Guest Bathroom Remodel

Oct 2019

After many years of good use from this guest bathroom it was time for a make over. With amazing selection of materials and detailed installation, the transformation of this wash space was stunning. A beautiful yet modern and elegant bathroom will be enjoyed for many years to come! Myself and everyone involved in the project, are always very grateful to be a part of this tranformational process.


Seattle, WA

Michelle S. - Bellevue Condominium Remodel

Aug 2019

After a long ten year stay by the tenants this unit was in need a fresh clean make over. After a lot of combined dilligant planning and preperation from the homeowners and myself, the project unfolded on time and turned out looking amazing when it was all done. With both the bathrooms and kitchen remodeled along with popcorn ceiling removal, full house paint, and new carpet instalation every last corner of the house was redone by the time the project was finished. Leaving the home with a modern, comfortable and beautiful look to fit in perfectly with this family freindly environment. Chris and everyone here at Seaside Remdel, express there gratitude and appreciations for being involved in the process. Thanks you guys!


Bellevue, WA

Dana S. - Renton Master Bathroom Conversion

Jun 2019

When I started this project the customer had a clear vision and style she was trying to create. After a few conversations regarding design details and layout, a game plan was set to bring this amazing new bathroom to life. A simple yet beautiful design along with high qulaity instillation, left this customer with an elegant and modern bathroom to be enjoyed for many years to come. Everyone invlolved with the project here at Seaside are always sincerely happy and grateful to be a part of the transformation!


Renton, WA