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Residential Remodeling

Apr 2018

A coupe of years ago customer wanted a multiple amount of remodels done to his home. He wanted to convert his garage into a living space, a full interior remodel, exterior remodel, pool addition and deck addition. He wanted a multiple amounts of projects done and he has been going through them slowly one project at a time.


Tarzana, CA

New Castle

Apr 2017

A long term and valued customer bought a house and wanted to tear down the house and wanted to build his ultimate dream home. We than go together and helped him figure out what he wanted and so we designed the house and work with many architects and engineers to help finish the project. All in all we built a wonderful and beautiful cape cod home in Encino.


Encino, CA

Apartment Kitchen and Bath

May 2016

Investor was looking for contractors to complete both the kitchen and bathrooms in 22 unit apartment building. He spoke to us and after months of looking and seeing our work he has decided to work with us. This project took about 8 months to a year to complete and we provided matching designs for the kitchens and bathrooms.


Woodland Hills, CA

Garden Grove

May 2013

A customer has lived in this home for over 25 years and decided to sell the house. However, as the market grew he knew his only way of selling it would be to have the house completely redone. Together we demoed and built a home from the ground up that still exists today. Its a wonderful Spanish styled home that has been extremely popular at the time an sold within a week of releasing onto the market.


Tarzana, CA