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Trouble shooting job

Mar 2014

Electrical troubleshooting The homeowner had lost power in the bedroom, we were called to troubleshoot the problem. We discovered that there was a loose wire connected to the switch; we replaced the switch and tightened all the electrical.

Twin Falls, ID

Light service call

Feb 2014

Lighting service call Basic service call to maintain lighting functions and update electrical.

Twin Falls, ID

Electrical re-routing

Feb 2014

Electrical re-routing We rerouted existing electrical to service an industrial sized dryer.

Hailey, ID

Garage light job

Jan 2014

Garage light maintenance We installed a new light on the garage of a private residence

Hansen, ID

Troubleshooting job

Jan 2014

Loss of Power A homeowner had windows installed and the installer cut through the electrical work causing the basement to lose power. We reconnected the wires and grounded the electrical to ensure safety.

Twin Falls, ID