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Overhead Sewer Conversion - Elmhurst

Jan 2016

Converted sewer to an overhead system in order to prevent flooding caused by backups from the city sewers in Elmhurst.

Elmhurst, IL

Two Sump Pump & Battery Backup System - Lake Bluff

Jan 2016

Installed two sump pumps and a battery backup system in Lake Bluff

Lake Bluff, IL

Under Sink Re-Pipe - Villa Park

Nov 2015

Performed an under sink re-pipe in Villa Park

Villa Park, IL

Tramco Sewage Ejector Pump Installation - Naperville

Oct 2015

Installed a Tramco sewer ejector pump with a silent check valve. The pump is capable of pumping up to 100 gallons-per-minute and is designed for up to 30 years of maintenance free operation.

Naperville, IL

Replaced Toilet and Bathroom Sink with New Faucet, New Piping, and New Valves Under Sink - Westmont

Oct 2015

Replaced the toilet and bathroom sink, with new faucet, new piping and new shut off valves under the sink in Westmont.

Westmont, IL

Dual Sump Pump, Ejector Pump, Backup System, Alternator - La Grange

Sep 2015

We installed dual sump pumps with quiet check valves in the sump pit, an ejector pump in the ejector pit, new vent piping, a battery backup system, and an alternator which keeps both pumps running alternately and prevents one from burning out.

La Grange, IL

Dual Sump Pumps and Battery Backup System - Carol Stream

Mar 2015

Installed two sump pumps with quiet check valves and a battery backup system in Carol Stream.

Carol Stream, IL

Shower Valve/Faucet with Body Spray - Wheaton

Aug 2014

Installed new shower faucet with body sprays in Wheaton.

Wheaton, IL

Re-piped water heater water piping - Chicago (Lincoln Park)

Jul 2014

Re-piped the water heater's water piping in Chicago (Lincoln Park.)

Chicago, IL