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Novato, CA: Clay Aluminum Posts for Layered Decks Overlooking Pool & View

Dec 2015

With two decks stacked along the backside of the house and a view of the sweeping downhill landscape, an open railing was a necessity. Our clay aluminum posts blend with the creamy house, allowing the brilliant wood top rail and framing to shine.

Novato, CA

Round Stainless Steel Cable Railing System for Deck in Betchelsville, PA

Nov 2015

Despite the usual association of stainless steel with industrial or highly contemporary settings, this round stainless steel railing system perfectly compliments the stone and trees around it. This smooth, round shape softens the otherwise cold material and reflects back the rich autumn light streaming through the forest beyond it.

Bechtelsville, PA

Lincoln City, OR: Stainless Steel Square Posts, Cable, & Fittings for Wrapping Decks

Nov 2015

With layers of decks encircling this beach-side home, the view was clearly a priority. This cable railing system preserves that view perfectly, while framing it in brilliant stainless steel and a dark wood customer-supplied top rail

Lincoln City, OR

San Mateo, CA: Bronze Aluminum Cable Railing System

Oct 2015

A bronze aluminum frame keeps this contemporary Californian backyard open, while the dark color and custom corner pieces turn the piece into a distinctive statement.

San Mateo, CA

Cresco, PA: Bronze Aluminum Posts & Top Rail Inline Support

Oct 2015

After inheriting this property with a sweeping view of forest-filled valley, the homeowners knew they needed a cable railing system to truly keep the view open. They chose our bronze aluminum posts and post-to-post inline support, upon which they put a wood top rail to match the deck. The end result is a dark, natural-toned frame with near-invisible cable infill. Though this project was actually completed in summer, the homeowners purposefully waited a couple months to take pictures, knowing how beautiful the rich palette of fall foliage would be. A clear, sunset-tinged sky reflected off post-rain puddles and lingering mist add to the magic of this already unreal view.

Cresco, PA

Black Aluminum Railing Around Huge Deck in Vacaville, CA

Apr 2015

With an expansive deck that overlooks rolling hills and a distant valley, it's no surprise this homeowner went with a cable railing! Nothing but a sleek frame and near-invisible cable between them and the beautiful fields surrounding their home.

Vacaville, CA

Bronze Railing System Near Water in Traverse City, MI

Apr 2015

This aluminum railing makes the most of the property's surrounding nature, open to beautiful views at every angle. The bronze color blends metal with wood, creating clean lines that fit their surroundings and stand out against the blue sky and water.

Traverse City, MI

Illuminated Aluminum Railing in Vancouver, WA

Dec 2014

A local homeowner lined their deck with our aluminum railing and cable infill. Not only do the bold, simple lines nicely accent the shape of their deck and yard, but the hollow interior of the frame allows wires to be run through it. As you can see, the homeowners added small lights to the underside of the top rail, providing both illumination and a classy aesthetic. These Washingtonians are ready for outdoor hosting after dark.

Vancouver, WA

Malvern, PA Deck Rail

Aug 2013

Beautiful sunny view from the deck of this new Malvern, Pennsylvania home. Black aluminum square posts are combined with the customer's wood top rail and stainless steel cable and end fittings.

Malvern, PA