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Ironwood Michigan

Sep 2016

Another contractor had previously started this job, in Florence, WI; along the lower section, only. He ended up walking off the job and couldnt do the top because it was "too high", and was too hard for him. The home owner was stuck, and through word of mouth, the homeowner's daughter in-law, had saw some our previous posts and work, and going to elementary school together, she contacted us. "Nothin' easy for Elite!" is what our crew claims, and thats one of the many things that sets US apart! We loaded up a truck and took a 2 hour drive out there to inspect and see how we can help. After finding out what Dave wanted, we were then able to provide him with an estimate right the spot, in which he greatly appreciated. After talking with Dave for a length of time and finding out he was prior military service, as WE VALUE AND SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! So we applied a vet discount as well! Project details: Tear off of old shingles and disposal, fanfold underlayment (1/4" foam, sound/vapor barrier, plus R1), Metal panels delivered, Exposed fastener,cut in ridge cap, and put cap on peak. Custom flashing and fabricating around roof hatch door. Endwall terminations, hip and ridge cap replacement, and rake trim applied. Also, ended up replacing soffit on front porch overhang along with the 4 pillars, incidental to our high standard of quality and detail we carry.


Florence, WI

Kelley Law Office; Three Lakes ,Wisconsin

Dec 2016

Shingles were curled up, and the roof was sagging in the rear of the building. Shimmed and redecked it, synthetic underlayment, and Atlas dimensional shingles.

Three Lakes, WI

Exposed Fastener metal roof

Nov 2016

Insulate, shim, and exposed fastener metal panel installation

Athens, WI

Marathon City

Mar 2018

5200 sq ft. Roof area, Standing Seam Metal Panels, 16" wide. Hemmed on every panel along the eave (gutter side), and in Valleys. W-channel Valley flashing installed, then panels interlocked into hem trim, completed with Valley Cap on top.


Marathon, WI

Asphalt Shingles 7th Ave & Bridge St, Wausau, WI

May 2017

2 layer shingle tear off, reflash the chimney, synthetic underlatmebt put on deck (2 layers actually), Atlas Castlebrook 35 Desert Shake shingles installed, with Ridge venting. New drip edge all around and new facia in front.


Wausau, WI