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Waterproofing Tofu room

Jun 2019

Waterproofing a tofu food room where water sprayers are continuously being sprayed. Their drain was not big enough to collect all of the water. The remainder water was seeping through wall into other room. We hammered up the floor at the wet wall 8 inches wide 12ft long. After removing the concrete floor we dig down 12 inches the put a bed of stone down. We then put a speed drain or trench drain in then incased it with new concrete to collect all the water.


Allentown, PA

Wet basement

Oct 2020

Homeowner had some wet spot due to animals. They wanted the basement concrete floor removed and repaired. We first jackhammered the area up hauled away debris. Then we mixed up concrete And relayed the floor. After letting the concrete set for a day I layed an epoxy paint down. We then waited another day to lay a layer of clear coat over the paint. The other project was their garage entrance was crumbling so we repaired that also.

Harrisburg, PA

Syracuse NY

Mar 2020

Homeowner had an addition built with a 4 foot crawlspace underneath. We jackhammered around the perimeter walls. Dig down a foot hauled all concrete n dirt away. Layered trench with 2b stone then 4 inch perforated corrugated pipe into trench. Threw more 2b stone on top then our track goes on top. Then mix concrete and lay over top of the track nice and smooth.

Syracuse, NY

Wet basement

May 2019

Homeowner had excessive amount of water on basement floor. We hammered up the perimeter of the basement 12 inches from the wall. Then dig down in front of the footer 12 inches and dug 2 pits for where the pumps go. After removing all the dirt with a clean trench we put 4 inch perforated pipe with clean stone around n on top of the pipe. After the stone was layed we then layed a L shaped vapor barrier track. When the track is all layed we start mixing concrete and concrete where we hammered.


Jersey Shore, PA

Basement painting

Sep 2019

Homeowners paint on basement walls peeled half off. So we grinder n scraped all flakes paint. Then repainted the walls with waterproofing paint. We grinder the basement floor then painted it. After we painted the floors I put a clear coat of epoxy with paint chips on top.

Clearfield, PA