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Remodeling Contractor - Whittier, CA

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Average rating




based on 35 online reviews
based on 35 ratings

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Pre fabricated Patio

May 2015

Client purchased a pre fabricated patio in a box, we took the headache out the client and made sure the client had not a worry on any Instructions or hassles.


La Habra, CA

Patio repair

May 2015

Client had water damage due to previous contractor build Design. We came in fixed the water damage took out the rotted wood put in new wood, drain, rain gutter & painted. As well as adding flashing to prevent any more water damage.


Long Beach, CA

Patio Restoration

May 2015

Client neeeded a overhaul in their patio. We removed the old torn down patio put in new pine wood, buttoned up the homes finish. The best example to show with this job is a big difference can come with simple change.


Fullerton, CA


Mar 2015

Client wanted a new look to his home. We at Greenview have our signature concrete styles. This is our premier diamond cut. Hand tailored to size of preffered diamonds & pattern. We leveled his ground as well added drain pipes that drain & have a exit instead of pooling. We added as the client wished a gas fire pit. A block fire pit was made.


La Mirada, CA

Patio with lighting

Feb 2015

Client wanted a addition in their home. A simple patio painted in white with light fixures as well. Simple additions like this add great property value. As well as envy from your neighbors.


Whittier, CA

Fire restoration

Nov 2014

This was a fire restoration of a house bedroom & kitchen. We did the whole interior & exterior of the home, we added new walls hardwood floors.


Whittier, CA


Sep 2014

Repaired/remodel prepare for rent ready status.


Whittier, CA

Fence/Gate Install

Jun 2014

Installed 12ft wood fence, plus gate.


Glendora, CA

Granite Counter Tops/Garden Grove

Dec 2014

Granite Counter top Installation

Garden Grove, CA