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4 reviews

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Remodel - Repair of Termite Damage

Aug 2016

All necessary drywall removed in living room and 3 bedrooms around the windows and along the base of the perimeter walls to expose all termite damaged studs. Siding and house wrap was removed for proper installation of new studs. Header was supported to allow for complete removal and replacement of all necessary studs around perimeter of home. All damaged studs were removed, reinstalled, new insulation, new vapor barrier, drywall replaced, finished, primed and painted. King studs which support the roof line showed major signs of damage from termites. King studs around living room window (garage side); living room window removed and reinstalled. Severe damage around front door; it appeared that termite damage and wood rot had compromised the integrity and safety of front door structure (door no longer closes and properly latches to engage dead bolt) replacement of entry door. 1st bedroom, exterior wall and along interior living room wall; window removed and reinstalled. 2nd bedroom exterior wall street side and left side. (This description is looking at the front of the house from the street side). Seals broken and damaged replacement of all front windows with new construction windows. Entire framework was removed. Left wall all the way back to master bedroom. King studs around both windows in master were compromised. Severe water damage around kitchen window. Siding, wrap, OSB boards, insulation, and moisture barrier were removed in order to replace all damaged wood. Carpet was pulled back around entire perimeter of house and in 1st bedroom, carpet was stretched and re-installed and cleaned at end of process. Project included remodel of master bathroom, hallway bathroom and kitchen re-face. Both bathrooms received a re-glaze of the shower/tub surface. Project lasted: About 5 Months.


Hampton, VA