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For smaller jobs in select areas, you can use Porch Services to complete home maintenance projects at fixed prices.

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Get help through every stage of your project as well as useful tools and resources, whenever and wherever you need it.

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Choose from over 300,000 professionals nationwide that do over 1,100 different types of projects

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Frequently asked questions
What is the Porch Pro Network?keyboard_arrow_down

The Porch Pro Network is a leading network of home professionals, with more than 300,000 professionals who can tackle more than 1,100 different job types. Homeowners can connect with a home professional by submitting a project request through Porch.com.

How does it work?keyboard_arrow_down

Homeowners simply submit a project request on Porch.com, and Porch matches the homeowner with local professionals in their area who have the skills to do the job. Porch sends the homeowners contact details about the pros they’ve been matched with, so the homeowner can select the right person or company for the job. The homeowner handles all the vetting, estimating and scheduling after being matched with professionals in the Porch Pro Network.

Who can be part of the Porch Pro Network?keyboard_arrow_down

The Porch Pro Network is made up of more than 300,000 home professionals who take on more than 1,100 different types of projects, spanning from general contractors, to plumbers, to electricians, and more. Home professionals who are interested in joining the Porch Pro Network can learn more here.

Are these professionals vetted?keyboard_arrow_down

Vetting of the professional’s licensing, insurance, and reputation is the responsibility of the homeowner. When matched with professionals, homeowners should be sure to inquire about the credentials that matter most to them. Here’s guidance for selecting the right pro for the job. When homeowners are connected with professionals in the Porch Pro Network, they can read reviews about past projects and see the home professional’s response rate to better understand the company.

How is the Porch Pro Network different than Porch Services?keyboard_arrow_down

The Porch Pro Network handles larger, more complex home projects, like remodeling, versus Porch Services that takes on more simple home improvement projects like TV mounting. The Porch Pro Network offers homeowners the chance to directly connect with home professionals to source quotes, handle scheduling, and ultimately choose the home professional that best fits their needs.

Porch Services is an end-to-end experience for home repair and maintenance. Porch quotes the price of the project upfront, finds the vetted professional, and schedules the project on behalf of the homeowner.

Is work done through the Porch Pro Network guaranteed?keyboard_arrow_down

Should something go wrong once the project has started, Porch offers Property Protection. Porch can help resolve the issue with the professional or help offset some of the costs.