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How Porch Services works:


Book your appointment

Describe your project and confirm your info to book a project


Get a price and get it scheduled

Porch quotes the price up front and schedules the professional


And it's done

We're available through the entire job to ensure it goes well

If you're looking for help with a larger job or live in an area where Porch Services isn't available, the Porch Pro Network can help.

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All Porch Services pros are:

Vetted and background checked
Trained for the service
Licensed and insured where required
Backed by our Satisfaction Promise
All work done by Porch Services is protected under the Porch Property Protection and Satisfaction Promise so you can rest assured your project will be done right.
Porch Home Assistant
Porch handles scheduling, provides useful tools and resources, and is available through the entire job to ensure the project goes well.
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Frequently asked questions
What is Porch Services?keyboard_arrow_down

Porch Services is an end-to-end experience for home repair and maintenance. Porch Services tackles smaller jobs such as TV mounting, replacing a faucet, or hanging new curtain rods.

Homeowners can submit their project requests and Porch quotes the price upfront, schedules the professional, and is available through the entire job to ensure the project goes well. All Porch Services professional have been vetted, trained, and background checked.

How does it work?keyboard_arrow_down

Homeowners simply request a project on Porch.com. If the project can be tackled by Porch Services, homeowners will receive a confirmation from Porch. Porch then manages the details from scheduling the right pro to answering any homeowner questions along the way.

How do homeowners end up with a Porch Services professional?keyboard_arrow_down

Porch Services takes on smaller handyman jobs and projects like lawn care rather than larger, more complicated projects.

How does someone know they get a Porch Services professional?keyboard_arrow_down

After a homeowner requests a project, they are quoted the fixed pricing for the job from Porch Services. If the homeowner decides to move forward, Porch will handle the scheduling and completion of the project.

What’s an alternative to Porch Services?keyboard_arrow_down

Porch offers homeowners two experiences: Porch Services, where Porch manages the experience on behalf of the homeowner from start to finish by providing upfront pricing and a vetted professional, or the Porch Professional Network, which can connect the homeowner with several local professionals who can complete the project. With the Porch Pro Network, homeowners get their own estimates and manage the messaging and scheduling themselves.