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Grant Residence Addition

Oct 2015

The Owner purchased this 1800's home from another family member and needed to update it to suite the needs of a modern family and differing uses. Respecting the historic character of the home, a 1970's single story addition was removed and replaced with a 2 story addition to replace the first floor family room, enlarge the deck, and provide a master bedroom onsuite bathroom and dressing room as well as additional bathroom for another bedroom and a second floor laundry room. In the existing stone house, the kitchen was gutted and enlarged to include part of the former front porch, a hallway on the second floor removed to enlarge a bedroom and stairs reconfigured to the third floor, and the ceiling of the master bedroom removed to provide a vaulted ceiling and new windows overlooking the wooded rear yard added.


Gladwyne, PA

East Orange Office Building Gut Renovation

Oct 2015

The 1970's 30,000sf office building that has been abandoned for some time is about to get a new lease on life. Purchased by a single Owner, the building will become the location of the Owner's own nursing business on the second floor and house two floors of charter school above. Separate entrances on the ground floor will provide privacy and security. Green features will include energy efficient HVAC, lighting, and windows, well insulated building envelope, and sustainable interior finishes.


East Orange, NJ

Skillman Residence Addition

Aug 2014

This 1800's farm house lacked a master bedroom suite, office space, and a good indoor/outdoor dining experience that took advantage of the beautiful country view on southern side of the home. There are two separate additions to the home connected by an exterior porch covered with a pergola. The addition to the left houses an indoor/outdoor dining area with a second floor deck off of one of the bedrooms. The 2 story addition to the right houses a new home office with a master bedroom above. The master bedroom connects to the prior master bedroom, providing a full suite that includes bathroom, private TV room, walk in closets and bedroom wth vaulted ceiling and well shaded wall of windows. Green features include low VOC wood stain, sustainably harvest wood flooring, extensive daylighting, solar electric system to offset all power usage of the addition, and natural ventilation.


Skillman, NJ

Morgan Residence Addition

Sep 2013

The Owner of this historical home in Princeton NJ wanted to create an addition that was self contained to allow her to live there and rent out the rest of the home. The 1,100sd two story addition provides a comfortable living/dining area, office and connects to the existing home's kitchen and rear deck. On the second floor a master bedroom suite with full bath as well as a loft area provides flexibility for guests. The addition connects to the existing house on the first and second floors and has many sustainable features such as salvaged wood flooring and fireplace mantel, wood burning stove as supplemental heat, extensive daylighting and natural ventilation, and energy star rated aluminum clad wood windows.


Princeton, NJ

Upper Black Eddy Residence

Jul 2013

This young couple purchased an older home dating back to the mid 1700's originally on 10 acres in this beautiful location. The original design was to more than double the size of the home. Due to budget constraints, the project was scaled back to weather proof and renovate the existing building and remove and replace a poorly built second floor addition. A new kitchen, master bedroom, refinised flooring, pantry, roof and insulation were completed as part of the initial phase. The couple intends to proceed with the larger addition as their family grows and cash flow permits. The larger addition will provide a 2 story family room with library, enlarged dining room, re-oriented foyer and new sitting room, second floor master bedroom suite & deck.


Upper Black Eddy, PA

Augustine Residence Renovation

Sep 2012

This existing 1970's contemporary house needed a facelift and interior renovations to suite the needs of its new Owners, whose taste for oriental culture is reflected in this amazing home makeover. The exterior was repainted and had wood trim and accent screens added to give it an oriental feel. The exterior entrance was relocated from the corner of the home to the interior courtyard and small touches such as a new gate, exterior lighting, and landscaping complete the transformation on the exterior. On the interior, the kitchen cabinets and appliances were replaced, a new study created, a new staircase to the walk-out basement created, bedroom converted to an office with custom soji screens to allow it to open to the interior courtyard, and a complete redesign of the master bedroom to provide a master bath and walk in closet.


Pennington, NJ

Holmes-Rulli New Residence

Sep 2008

This new 2,500sf home was designed to achieve net zero energy, LEED Silver certification, and provide a comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath residence for a growing young family. The project was built cost effectively and has operated as a net zero residence since completion seven years ago and weathered superstorm Sandy, Irene and many others without damage due to its design and construction. Green features include super-insulated 2x6 framed building envelope, energy star rated windows/doors, 9kw solar electric system, radiant floor heating, waterless urinal, rainwater catchment for irrigation, extensive daylighting and natural ventilation, healthy and sustainable interior finishes including bamboo, cork, and linoleum flooring, ultra low voc free paint and wood finishes, high recycled content ceramic tile,


Toms River, NJ

Net Zero Energy Housing Concept Design

Nov 2015

New 650 bed student residence life building with ground floor retail for University California Berkeley, San Francisco Mission Bay Campus designed to achieve net zero energy performance with combination of proper orientation, high performance building envelope, lighting & HVAC, extensive solar electric, thermal and daylighting energy capture, microwind turbines, and combined heat and power fuel cell.


Chanhassen, MN

Montclair State University - Center for Environmental & Life Sciences

Sep 2015

New 100,000sf science and classroom building housing the environmental and life sciences programs of the University. The project is pursing LEED Silver Certification.


Basking Ridge, NJ