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Montvale Waterproofing/ Deck Project

May 2012

Our Client needed some major renovations to the house and landscape. Several years before we had built a Gunite swimming pool and landscape for them and they were so happy with that project they felt very confident that we would provide the same results on this project. They had a water problem which would result in water accumulating on the basement floor and soaking the walls. The existing deck was way too large and needed a face lift. The deck structure was to remain, and was in good structural condition and was pressure treated material. We had to deal with some severe elevation changes, so we added a raised paver patio with natural stone steps. This was done to not only compliment the new decking, but to add interest and eliminate so many deck steps. It was also intended as a lower level entertaining/ lounging area. Plantings, irrigation, low voltage lighting was included. The area is often effected by power outages and the acceptance of new options, we installed a 20K Kohler Generator with the help of our licensed electrician contractor of more than 25 years.


Montvale, NJ

Montvale Stone wall and Deck renovation

May 2012

Our Client had a stone wall by the street that was close to complete collapse. We addressed the worst part of that wall at the time with plans to continue at a later date completing the next 150 linear feet. We decided the natural setting, with the availability of the boulder stones, and our extensive experience with this material, would be faster and less expensive then anything else. Structurally it would be perfect for what we needed to accomplish. They also wanted to redo the decking by the house to their lower entertaining patio, which was used as a main outdoor living space during favorable weather. We removed the old surface boards and installed (with much persuasion) composite decking boards, which they love the decision. We tried to blend natural with new by tucking natural stone steps into the deck. Typicaly, with many (not all) of our projects, irrigation needs updating and LED outdoor lighting is included in the project. To protect the investment of the new plantings and add extended enjoyment hours, as well as security concerns. Recent power outages for extended periods of time is proving to be quite a problem. Especially for people that only have well water servicing their homes. Realizing this can be resolved for a reasonable investment the client chose to install a 20K Kohler natural gas generator, which was installed with the help of our licensed electrician contractor who we have worked with for decades.


Montvale, NJ

Montvale Landscape Renovation

May 2011

This property had landscape that had just outgrown itself and needed a makeover. We started in the back, transplanted some very worthwhile specimen shrubs, changed the grades and elevations, added new plantings. Additionally, this project needed a newly designed sprinkler system installed to accommodate the new placement and height of the plantings as well as water requirements for the type of plants.. Drainage and low voltage LED outdoor lighting was added as well. Front street property line was changed due to overgrowth and sickly shrubs. Privacy and color was the main focus. Specimen shrubs, flowering shrubs and perennials were Incorporated . Large natural boulders were used for retention and effect. Irrigation and LED outdoor Lighting was included. The client chose to install a 20K Kohler natural gas generator


Montvale, NJ

Cliffside Park small Backyard Space

Sep 2006

This Client had just completed a total home renovation project and needed to get some ideas what to do with the old concrete backyard. Discussions about their wish list and our suggestions is the result of this design / installation. A landscape plan was developed as is done on most all projects and no changes were requested . There was extensive demolition involved (which was unexpected) the prior mason contractor (the original homeowner), poured a sixteen inch thick concrete patio to insure longevity. Three 20 cu yd containers later we were ready to start. The client added the outdoor kitchen just about at the jobs completion, requiring a small re-design, but added a necessary and practical element to the space. They provided us with the kitchen appliances they purchased while we continued to work. Included was cedar fencing for a privacy concern. The pergola was offered to provide a shade and design element , with landscape lighting to sit under for extended evening enjoyment. The wall is to allow for a large amount of guest seating without the clutter of chairs. A water feature was added, assorted perennial color to bloom all summer long. Drainage and sprinklers are installed to provide water to the plantings and insure positive drainage of surface water as a result of the impervious coverage. As the job entered the final stages, the client decided to have us install a new pored concrete floor in the detached garage and install pavers in front of the garage so we blended everything so it looked as it was an original design element.


Cliffside Park, NJ

Paramus small lot landscaping

Oct 2004

The Client wanted to improve the curb appeal and correct some drainage issues they were experiencing. The neighborhood is made up of small lot sizes with single level homes. This home was positioned lower than the street which meant water ran to the house. We added some creative drainage and changes the grades , directing the water to a newly designated location. We added new plantings, a natural stacked stone wall, irrigation, and lighting.


Paramus, NJ

Mahwah Small backyard entertainment area

Sep 2003

This Client called us for a sprinkler repair that was damaged while another contractor was attempting a makeover. After he demolished the backyard and convinced the client to install a stamped concrete patio, he ran out of good ideas. The sprinklers had to be repaired prior to any future work. When the client asked us for ideas, he felt that was smart for him to change contractors and gave us a budget and let us loose. He already had the hot tub on site as well as a new stainless steel barbecue grill. Incorporating these two items into the small space we had to work with was a welcomed challenge. This design needed a comfortable access from the kitchen door and family room door. We also realized the need for seating for party guests, but didn't want too many chairs, enter the seat wall. Additional features to be included was a small pondless waterfall, landscape screening and colorful plantings, landscape lighting, and sprinklers. The barbecue grill was high quality and provided all cooking counter-space necessary. A space was created to give the feel of an outdoor kitchen without taking up the space or adding to the budget.


Mahwah, NJ

Montvale Cedar multi-level Deck

Jun 2000

Client had a 10 ft grade change in the backyard and no usable entertaining area. We decided to have less steps from the house to the deck, instead use the grade change to our advantage and use boulders and natural stone steps with pockets of concrete pavers. This created a comfortable way to get down from the deck , walking through plantings and natural landscape. A sprinkler system was installed as well as outdoor landscape lighting.


Montvale, NJ

Montvale Multi-Level Composite Deck / Hot Tub

Aug 1999

This Client had no real entertaining area, they did their research and decided they wanted a Low maintenance composite deck. In the Design phase, we realized we had many different purposes to consider. Ultimately, here is the design I offered and agreed upon. The Client purchased the Hot Tub separately from a local Spa retailer that they liked. We provided the installation and hookup. This Deck was built with pressure treated lumber for the structural element. High quality Composite decking and railings for the finishing touches. The project was finished off with a very small amount of landscaping for the time being. Our client was awaiting a major home renovation which meant any landscaping would probably be damaged or destroyed requiring future replacement.


Montvale, NJ