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based on 86 ratings

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Sod Installtion

Oct 2019

The homeowner had removed an old above ground pool and wanted to expand the yard. The grade needed to be brought up so we installed black dirt and sod.

Mounds View, MN

Versa-lok Retaining Wall and Regrading

Aug 2019

The homeowner was getting water in their basement. We identified the issue was the grading and the location of the old retaining wall which was built to close to the framing of the house. We regraded the area around the new retaining wall and moved the new wall back so when water flows over the top of the new wall it does not dump onto the houses framing and flow into the basement. This will allow the homeowner to have a dry basement again.


Shoreview, MN

Concrete Removal and Sod Installation

Jun 2019

The homeowner had an over grown sandbox and concrete that stuck out into the yard space. During the project we removed the old sand box and part of the concrete. Once it was removed we added new black dirt and installed sod. This allowed the homeowners to increase the amount of usable yard space.

Maplewood, MN

House Perimeter Clean Up

Jul 2018

We removed the overgrown vegetation around the perimeter of the house. Then we edged out new beds and installed river rock. By installing new river rock the homeowner has an easier landscape to maintain which will help them keep it looking nice for years.

Roseville, MN

New Mulch

Jul 2018

The front landscaping bed had become overgrown with weeds and the homeowner wanted to change it from rock to brown mulch. First we moved the rocks to the backyard. Next we installed some dirt to fill in a low spots so the water would flow away from and not pool by the house. Lastly we installed new black vinyl edging before installing new weedbarior fabric and brown mulch.

Woodbury, MN

New Sod

Jun 2018

The yard was full of bare and dead spots which didn't look as good as the rest of the backyard. We removed the old grass and installed black dirt to level areas and new sod. Now the yard looks lots bigger and is as nice as the rest of their backyard.

Little Canada, MN

New Mulch Bed

Jun 2018

The homeowner was renovating the property. We installed new mulch beds around the entire house. In the pictured bed we installed new weed barrier fabric, brown mulch and hostas.

Mahtomedi, MN

New Sod

May 2018

Sod installation We installed sod in the backyard after the homeowner had a swimming pool removed. On the other side of the yard we removed a mulch bed sod they could have grass across their entire yard

Minneapolis, MN