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What kind of window treatment are in style?

There are four basic types of window coverings. Homeowners can choose from the following window treatments: valances, shades, curtains and blinds.Window treatments add sophistication and color to a room, and affect how the house looks from the outside. Window coverings allow various amounts of light into a room and provide privacy. Just as clothing fashions change, window treatments go in and out of style. However, you may want to take your existing furniture and interior decor into consideration when you are looking at updating your window treatment style. Some window coverings may be very popular, but may not be the best choice for your home. You might want to consult a window treatment professional, such as an interior designer, when you are selecting new window coverings to install in your home.

Jewel tones are a very popular choice for walls and curtains, currently. Homeowners like the luxurious feeling jewel tones bring to a room. Natural wood blinds are also popular. Adding natural bamboo blinds underneath curtains is a way to cut glare. Consider consulting a window treatment installation professional to find the best window covering options for your home.

How much does window treatment cost?

The cost for installing new window treatments in your home will vary wildly depending on a wide array of factors. Your locale, the size of your home and number of windows, the degree of difficulty posed by the installation, and the availability of window covering installation pros in your area will affect the cost of labor for installing new window treatments. Additionally, there are a number of different options to choose from in terms of types of window coverings. Blinds, curtains, valences, and shades each come with a variety of price tags. Within each type of window covering there are lots of different materials to choose from, each comes with its own cost.

If you’re considering adding new window treatments to your home, it may make sense to consult a professional. If you have questions, a pro can help you choose the best window covering type and material for each of your rooms. Your installation contractor can offer an estimate for adding new window treatments to your home. I may make sense to get estimates from three window covering installation experts for comparison.

How do you cover a window without curtains?

Homeowners may run into cases where they do not want to install curtains, but they still want the privacy window treatments provide. Shades and blinds are excellent curtain alternatives. Both shades and blinds come in a variety of materials. These window treatments can work with a whole array of interior design styles. If you do not want to install curtains, shades, or blinds there are a few ways to cover a window without curtains.

Some homeowners spread gallery glass over windows that do not lend themselves to other coverings. Tall planters can be placed in a way that obscures the view. The glass can be covered with contact paper, or lace material. Perhaps the simplest way to cover a window without curtains is to simply line up colorful bottles along the windowsill. With the wide array of window covering types and materials available on the market today, you’re sure to find the best treatments for your windows.

What are the best window treatments for large windows?

When window treatments are tastefully and correctly installed, they may almost go unnoticed. However, window coverings whether they are gauzy curtains or natural wood blinds are a key part of home decor. Choosing the best window treatments for large windows can be tricky. Experts say that in general, it’s best to stick with lighter materials such as single cell honeycomb shades, real wood blinds and sheer shades. The lighter materials will bow less, and will be easier to manipulate when you want to raise the blinds or close them. Lighter materials will also look great on large windows.

If you are exploring possible window treatments for your home’s large windows, it may make sense to consult a design or window covering professional. A contractor who has lots of experience with window coverings can offer an array of options. They might have ideas that had not occurred to you. They’ll know which types of window coverings and materials will work best on large windows.

What are the best window treatments for difficult windows?

Some windows easily lend themselves to a wide variety of window covering materials and styles. Other windows, while aesthetically pleasing pose difficulties when it comes to installing window treatments. Some homeowners are lucky enough to have stunning window walls. These enormous windows look fabulous, but it can be tricky to install window coverings without detracting from the view. One solution to this dilemma is to install a motorized ceiling track from which to hang drapes. The track can be barely perceptible, and will allow for ease in opening and closing the drapes. If you have shuttered windows and want to layer drapes over them, you’re faced with a lack of space for mounting a curtain rod. In this case you could use swing-arm rods hung with self-lined drapes.

Other homes have slanted windows, very tall windows, and bay windows. All of these types of windows pose problems when it comes to window treatment installation. It may make sense to consult a window covering specialist. They can come to your home and assess your particular window covering needs.

How do you curtain bay windows?

Bay windows have three sides. They cannot be covered by a single curtain rod. Using three rods will look awkward. It may make sense to have a window treatment installation pro help you with curtaining your bay windows. Window covering installation requires very exact measuring or the results will not be appealing. With bay windows, there are even areas to measure. Additionally, adding a covering to a bay window may require special hardware such as curved or angled rods. These are often custom-cut and made to order. A window treatment pro can help you avoid costly errors when ordering custom hardware.

Bay windows can be very charming, and the right window coverings can add to their appeal. Because adding curtains to bay windows calls for special hardware, precision measuring, and specialized knowledge, it may make sense to call a pro. A window coverings installation contractor can get your bay window curtain installed correctly and quickly. You’ll be enjoying your bay windows with perfect coverings in no time.

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